HMS Marshal Soult

Vessel Name on Arrival: 
HMS Marshall Soult
Vessel Type: 
Training/Depot Ship
Draught For'd: 
7' 0"
Draught Aft: 
9' 9"
Year Built: 
Arrival Date: 
Breakup Started: 
Date First Beaching: 
Breakup Completed: 
Original Builder: 
Palmers of Tyneside
Original Yard No.: 
Other Information: 

Laid down, by Palmers of Jarrow, in February 1915 as the Monitor M-14, a Marshal Ney Class monitor.
(Named after a French General of the Napoleonic Wars)
Launched  :  24th August 1915
Commissioned :  2nd November 1915
Tonnage :  6,670 tons
Length :  355 ft 2 inches
Beam :  90 ft 3 inches
Draught :  10' 6"
Propulsion :  Twin-Screw oil engines by the Builders, developing maximum design 1,898 HP
Service speed at normal service power of 1,500 HP  :  Design - 9 knots   Trials - 6.6 knots
Main armament was her two massive 15 inch guns
Complement :  228 men
HMS Marshal Soult served in both World Wars.  She was used for the three years from November 1915, as part of the R.N.'s Dover Patrol, for the bombardment, in the shallow waters off Belgium for which she had been designed, of strategic land targets and port installations - in particular around Zeebrugge and Ostend. Engaged in offensive operations against German positions in Flanders.  Then served as a Tender to the gunnery school HMS Excellent at Portsmouth and, later, served in a similar role at Devonport.
During WWII, she served as a Depot Ship, mainly serving Trawlers, at Portsmouth. Was also used for training purposes.
She was decommissioned in 1946 and sold for breaking on 10th July 1946


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