Vessel Name on Arrival: 
Vessel Type: 
Official Number: 
Draught For'd: 
02' 06"
Draught Aft: 
10' 00"
Year Built: 
Arrival Date: 
Breakup Started: 
Date First Beaching: 
Breakup Completed: 
Original Builder: 
John Shearer & Sons Limited, Elderslie, Glasgow
Original Yard No.: 
Name Changes: 

On 23-01-1917, whilst trading as ARGO in the North Sea, she came under attack from a German submarine. The U-Boat opened up with her deck gun but the British freighter turned out of danger and, with her superior speed, was able to prevent the loss of the ship.

09-06-1917 : Vessel was chartered by the Admiralty for service as a Q-Ship.

19-12-1917: Vessel was purchased by the Admiralty, her Port of Registration changed from Glasgow to London, and the ship assigned the duty of a Coastal Stores Carrier.

During the years 1917 through 1919 this vessel was engaged in war service for the Admiralty as a Decoy Ship, sailing under the following names on behalf of the Admiralty as a Q-Ship :  LOTHBURY, SARUSAN and STEAD and was fitted out with 1 x 4 inch gun, 1 x 15 pounder gun and 1 x 12 pounder gun.  Allocated Pennant Nos. N13 and N08.

10-04-1919  :  Service as a Q-Ship terminated and name reverted to ARGO



Other Information: 

Cargo vessel built for J & P Hutchinson of Glasgow.

Launched 05-10-1906 and completed shortly later that year.      

Never again returned to merchant service after War service.

23-07-1917  :  William C. Smith RNR appointed to command

19-12-1917  :  Purchased outright by the Admiralty

10-04-1919  :  Service as a Q-Ship terminated and name reverted to ARGO

1921  :  RFA Service terminated

1926 - 1933  : Captain E. Smith appointed

12-10-1938  :  Arrived at Rosyth where she was reduced to a hulk for the temporary storage of munitions and later towed to Medway and moored there

1947  :  Hulked at the R.N. Armaments depot at Fort William and placed on the Disposal List

August 1949  :  Sold to BISCO for scrap and broken up at Troon's WSSCL facility.




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