Vessel name on Arrival: Cumbria

Original Builder: J. P. Rennoldson & Sons of South Shields

Original Yard No: 290

Official Number:

Vessel Type: coaster

GRT: 272

Year Built: 1914

Arrival Date: 30/06/1955

Breakup Started: 04/07/1955

Date First Beached: 30/06/1955

Date Breakup Completed: 03/10/1955

Draught For’d: 5' 0"

Draught Aft: 7' 6"

Name Changes:


1.  S.S. Abus


2.  S.S. Norrix


3.  S.S. Cumbria

Other Information:


Small cargo mcoasting vessel


Launched   :   26-05-1914

Completed :   July of 1914


One of the Owners believed to have been Wilson Steam Shipping Company Limited


(No other information or vessel details found to date)