Vessel name on Arrival: Alynbank

Original Builder: Harland & Wolff, Govan, Glasgow

Original Yard No: 676 g

Official Number: 148844

Vessel Type: Cargo

GRT: 5151

Year Built: 1925

Arrival Date: 05/03/1946

Breakup Started: 06/03/1946

Date First Beached: 14/06/1946

Date Breakup Completed: 21/11/1946

Draught For’d: 14' 10"

Draught Aft: 15' 10"

Name Changes:

Other Information:

Twin-Screw motorship for Andrew Weir & Company's Bank Line

Launched :  15/01/1925

Completed :  26/03/1925

Requisitioned by the Admiralty in 1939 and served as an A.A. ship

Served with the M.O.W.T. from 1941

On 09/06/1944 she was scuttled at Normandy as part of the Gooseberry No. 3 Harbour at Gold Beach, Arromanches.  She was raised in December 1945 and towed to Troon for demolition, arriving at the West of Scotland Shipbreaking facility there on 05/03/1946.