Vessel name on Arrival: Toni

Barque TONI

Original Builder: Henry Koch of Lubeck, Germany

Original Yard No: 51

Official Number: 618274

Vessel Type: sailing

GRT: 1467

Year Built:

Arrival Date: 01/02/1925

Breakup Started:

Date First Beached:

Date Breakup Completed:

Draught For’d:

Draught Aft:

Name Changes:

1892  :  ANNA for E. tom Dieck of Elsfleth

1918  :  O.D. AHLERS for O.D. Ahlers

1918  :  REIHERSTIEG for Albrecht & Company

1921  :  TONI for Nordische Handelsgesellschaft Hachfeld, Fischer G.m.b.H. of Hamburg

1922  :  TONI for "Vega" Reederei A.G. of Hamburg

1924  :  TONI for "Adler" Reederei of Hamburg

Other Information:

Sailing Barque                   230 feet in length x 36.7 feet in beam and 21 feet depth of hold

Launched :  September 1892                     Completed :  October 1892

In 1924 the TONI made a passage in 115 days with grain from Port Adelaide to Cork, where she was bought by the "Adler" Reederei of Hamburg.  Because of financial difficulties, occasioned by the inflation of the German currency, it was decided she should be sent for breaking.

The image shown is a painting and whilst not guaranteed to be the TONI is considered very typical.

The second image is the anchor of the TONI, now a permanent feature on the Troon foreshore.