Vessel name on Arrival: Ulva

Ulva at Greenock

Original Builder: Cook, Welton & Gemmell of Beverley, Hull

Original Yard No: 711

Official Number: 303455

Vessel Type: trawler

GRT: 494

Year Built: 1942

Arrival Date: 08/02/1972

Breakup Started: 08/02/1972

Date First Beached: 02/03/1972

Date Breakup Completed: 11/04/1972

Draught For’d: 6' 0"

Draught Aft: 12' 6"

Name Changes:


1943  :  Launched as Isles Class Trawler ANNET for the Royal Navy for Fishery Protection duties.


1946  :  Reclassed as a Wreck Dispersal Vessel and renamed DV 2 under Pennant No. T 341


1958  :  Acquired by the Fisheries Board for Fishery Protection duties and renamed ULVA



Other Information:


21-12-1942  :  Laid down for the Royal Navy

25-03-1943  :  Launched as the ANNET

19-06-1943  :  Completed


Dimensions :  50.0 metres  x  8.4 metres


Tonnage :  494 tons GRT


Propulsion :  Triple Expansion 3-cylinder steam reciprocating engine manufactured by C.D. Holmes & Coy of Hull

Power Output  :  850 IHP


Withdrawn from Fishery Protection duties in 1971 and laid up.  Sold to Arnott Young, Shipbreakers, of Dalmuir in 1972.  Hull later towed down to the West of Scotland Shipbreaking Company of Troon for final demolition.