Vessel name on Arrival: Ardyne


Original Builder: Scott of Bowling

Original Yard No: 315

Official Number:

Vessel Type: cargo

GRT: 242

Year Built: 1928

Arrival Date: 04/07/1955

Breakup Started: 28/08/1955

Date First Beached: 06/07/1955

Date Breakup Completed: 09/11/1955

Draught For’d: 6' 0"

Draught Aft: 9' 9"

Name Changes:

Other Information:


Small coasting cargo steamer built for Clyde Cargo Steamers Limited of Glasgow


Clyde Cargo Steamers Limited was a cooperative of steamer owners, including David MacBrayne, formed in 1915, at the behest of The Admiralty, to provide a basic cargo service the outlying Loch Fyne ports, Arran, Bute and Kintyre, a service she continued to provide for almost three decades.


19-04-1928  :  Launched

May 1928      :  Completed


Propulsion  :  Assumed to be triple expansion steam reciprocating, although no details to hand.