Vessel name on Arrival: Winha

Atlantic - Winha

Original Builder: Hawthorn Leslie & Company of Hebburn-on-Tyne

Original Yard No: 398

Official Number: 168697

Vessel Type: cargo

GRT: 3313

Year Built: 1904

Arrival Date: 01/10/1946

Breakup Started: 02/10/1946

Date First Beached: 20/01/1947

Date Breakup Completed: 04/12/1947

Draught For’d: 15' 0"

Draught Aft: 17' 0"

Name Changes:

1904  :  Built as S.S. ATLANTIC for Rederi A/B Transatlantic of Gothenburg, Sweden.  Original O.N. 4339.

1929  :  Ownership changed to Rederi A/B Bore without change in Port of Registration or O.N.

1935  :  Vessel sold to Winha Oy of Helsinki, Finland with Port of Registration changed and O.N. now 763

1941  :  Vessel intercepted by British Northern Patrol and taken to the Kirkwall Contraband Control Base in  Orkney. The vessel remained confiscated by the British for the following three years, assigned the new O.N. 168697, registered in the Port of Glasgow, andf used by the War Office until sacrified for the role of blockship at Gooseberry No. 3, Gold Beach, Normandy, where she was sunk on 09-06-1944.


Other Information:

Launched  :   24-09-1904

Completed:  October 1904


Dimensions :  103.6 mts  x  14.9 mts


Triple Expansion Steam Reciprocating Engine – 9 knots