Vessel name on Arrival: Boer

Original Builder: J & J Hay of Kirkintilloch, Forth & Clyde Canal

Original Yard No:

Official Number:

Vessel Type: puffer

GRT: 72

Year Built: 1940

Arrival Date: 16/12/1964

Breakup Started: 07/01/1965

Date First Beached: 22/12/1964

Date Breakup Completed: 12/03/1965

Draught For’d: 1' 6"

Draught Aft: 6' 6"

Name Changes:

Other Information:


Steam coastal cargo Lighter (Puffer)


Length   :   66.4 feet

Breadth :   17.5 feet


Compound Steam Engine of 60 IHP, manufactured by McKie and Baxter Limited, Copland Works, Paisley