British Enterprise

Vessel name on Arrival: British Enterprise

British Enterprise

Original Builder: William Beardmore & Company, Dalmuir

Original Yard No: 623

Official Number: 146219

Vessel Type: Tanker

GRT: 4204

Year Built: 1922

Arrival Date: 06/04/1936

Breakup Started: 10/04/1936

Date First Beached:

Date Breakup Completed:

Draught For’d:

Draught Aft:

Name Changes:

Other Information:

Built at Beardmore's Dalmuir shipyard for the British Tanker Company (BP)

Launched 18/10/1921 and completed 06/01/1922

Arrived  at Troon for demolition on 06/04/1936 which started on 10/04/1936