British Patience

Vessel name on Arrival: British Patience

MV British Patience

Original Builder: Harland & Wolff of Govan, Glasgow

Original Yard No: 1166 g

Official Number: 168451

Vessel Type: Tanker

GRT: 8097

Year Built: 1942

Arrival Date: 07/06/1961

Breakup Started: 28/06/1961

Date First Beached: 22/03/1962

Date Breakup Completed: 10/07/1962

Draught For’d: 14' 06"

Draught Aft: 14' 06"

Name Changes:

Other Information:

Launched  :  23-03-1943 and completed in the same year for the British Tanker Company Limited

6-Cylinder B & W SCSA Oil Engine by Builder.                2 Donkey Boilers for auxiliary steam at 150 lbs per sq. inch.