Britmex No. 1

Vessel name on Arrival: Britmex No. 1

Britmex No

Original Builder: Harland & Wolff Limited, Govan, Glasgow

Original Yard No: 651

Official Number:

Vessel Type: Dumb Oil Storage Barge

GRT: 472

Year Built: 1920

Arrival Date: 06/10/1966

Breakup Started: 19/12/1968

Date First Beached: 11/10/1966

Date Breakup Completed: 22/05/1969

Draught For’d: 1' 6"

Draught Aft: 6' 0"

Name Changes:

Other Information:

Dumb Oil Barge Bunkering Vessel


Owners  :  British-Mexican Petroleum Company  (a subsidiary of Andrew Weir's Bank Line)

Manager :  Andrew Weir & Company, Glasgow.


Completed in December 1920. 

Management transferred to J. Hamilton in 1930

1938  –  Anglo-American Oil Company


Arrived at Troon for breaking on 7th of October 1966


(Photograph is an identical unit – Britmex No. 4)