Vessel name on Arrival: Droxford


Original Builder: John Lewis of Aberdeen

Original Yard No: 274

Official Number: 300469

Vessel Type: salvagevessel

GRT: 1302

Year Built: 1958

Arrival Date: 30/09/1980

Breakup Started:

Date First Beached:

Date Breakup Completed:

Draught For’d:

Draught Aft:

Name Changes:

1958  :  Risdon Beazley Limited of Southampton

1970  :  Risdon Beazley Ulrich Harms Limited without change of name

1974  :  Risdon Beazley Marine Limited without change of name


Other Information:

A purpose-built Salvage Vessel for Messrs Risdon Beazley Limited of Southampton.

Steam engine by the Builder

Among many notable salvage projects over the years, DROXFORD played a pivotal role in the return of Brunel's S.S. GREAT BRITAIN from the Falkland Isles in 1970.