Duke of Argyll

Vessel name on Arrival: Duke of Argyll II

Duke of Argyll at Troon - Nov 1956 Duke of Argyll

Original Builder: William Denny & Brothers of Dumbarton

Original Yard No: 1194

Official Number: 128316

Vessel Type: passenger

GRT: 3604

Year Built: 1928

Arrival Date: 07/11/1956

Breakup Started: 12/11/1956

Date First Beached: 26/08/1957

Date Breakup Completed: 07/11/1957

Draught For’d: 12' 6"

Draught Aft: 14' 0"

Name Changes:

1928  :  launched as Duke of Argyll

1955  :  renamed Duke of Argyll II in order to release the name for a new build

Other Information:


Passenger ferry for service on the Heysham – Belfast Irish Sea route.


Launched on 23rd January 1928 and completed in April 1928


Dimensions  :  106.4  x  16.2 metres    (360 ft  x  53 ft)


Propulsion  :  Steam Turbines providing a service speed of 21 knots


During WWII the Duke of Argyll served as Hospital Ship No. 65, was also involved with the Dunkirk evacuation and in 1942 was converted to the role of Infantry Landing Ship with lifeboats removed and replaced by landing craft.  At that time she was also used for Commando training, and did not resume her normal peacetime passenger-ferry role until January of 1946.