Flying Scotsman

Vessel name on Arrival: Cambrian

Flying_Scotsman7 Flying_Scotsman6 Flying_Scotsman5 Flying Scotsman-01

Original Builder: J.P. Rennoldson & Sons, South Shields

Original Yard No: 188

Official Number:

Vessel Type: tug

GRT: 177

Year Built: 1898

Arrival Date: 16/01/1951

Breakup Started: 18/01/1951

Date First Beached: 23/01/1951

Date Breakup Completed: 07/03/1951

Draught For’d: 4' 6"

Draught Aft: 7' 0"

Name Changes:

12-09-1898  :  Launched as the Paddle Tug FLYING SCOTSMAN for the Clyde Shipping Company

(This was to be the last steam paddle tug built for the Clyde Shipping Company)


13-05-1948  :  Sold to Christopher & Richard Jennings of London for conversion to a yacht, and renamed CAMRIAN

Other Information:

Iron construction Steam Paddle Tug in the service for the Clyde Shipping Company for fifty years


Launched on 12-09-1898


Dimensions  :  118.0 feet  x  20.1 feet  x  10.1 feet


SL 1-Cylinder Steam Engine manufactured by the Builder and developed 90 NHP / 400 IHP


Tonnages  :  177 GRT    29 NRT


Cost new  :  £ 4,650


25th August through 16th October 1939  :  In War Department's service


13-05-1948  :  Sold for conversion to a yacht, but subsequently abandoned in Oban.