Vessel name on Arrival: Halcyon

Halcyon approaching Troon Harbour Halcyon - July 1966

Original Builder: Henry Carr of Hessle, Hull

Original Yard No: 139

Official Number:

Vessel Type: sailing

GRT: 101

Year Built: 1903

Arrival Date: 22/07/1966

Breakup Started: 14/12/1966

Date First Beached: 31/07/1966

Date Breakup Completed: 15/03/1967

Draught For’d: 1' 6"

Draught Aft: 6' 0"

Name Changes:

Other Information:

Designed as a two-masted Leeboard Ketch rigged for sails on behalf of M. Aaron of Hull.

Launched on 02-03-1903 and completed in June 1903.

Dimensions :  84' 4" in length  x  20' 0" beam.

Bui;lt on the lines of a Humber 'Billy Boy'


In later years, acquired by E. H. Pudney of Brightlingsea, Essex and later Great Yarmouth.


In 1929 she was fitted out with a two-cylinder oil engine manufactured  by Danz of  Cologne.

In 1938, this engine was replaced with a 1935-built four-cylinder engine manufactured by National Gas & Oil

In 1951, the vessel was in the ownership of Captain William McMillan of Campbeltown, but at that time was still registered out of Hull.

In 1959 her port of registration was Irvine in North Ayrshire.

In July 1966 her owner, Captain McMillan, retired and the vessel was sent to the breakers at Troon.

Her National diesel engine was removed and fitted in the Puffer SITKA