HMS Butser

Vessel name on Arrival: Royal Marine

As HMS Butser As Balthazar As Royal Marine

Original Builder: Cook, Welton & Gemmell of Beverley, Hull

Original Yard No: 683

Official Number: 181282

Vessel Type: trawler

GRT: 510

Year Built: 1940

Arrival Date: 23/10/1963

Breakup Started: 10/06/1964

Date First Beached: 01/10/1964

Date Breakup Completed: 15/12/1964

Draught For’d: 8' 3"

Draught Aft: 16' 9"

Name Changes:

July 1941  :   HMS Butser (T-219) for The Admiralty


April 1946  :   Sold to Devon Fishing Company Limited of Hull.  (Managers Mark & Graham Hellyer)


Nov 1946  :   Converted at North Shields for fishing and for fuel oil buring.


Nov 1946  :   Re-named S.T. Balthazar and re-registered out of Hull  (H-359)


Jan 1952  :   Sold to Loyal  Steam Fishing Company Limited of Grimsby.   (Manager – Albert W. Butt)


Jan 1952  :  Hull resgistration closed and vessel re-registered out of Grimsby as GY-213


Feb 1952 :   Vessel renamed S.T. Royal Marine (GY-213) out of Grimsby


Apr 1960  :   Vessel transferred within the Associated Fisheries Group to Wyre Trawlers Limited.

                      (Manager Leslie Wheildon) 

                      Grimsby registration closed and vessel re-registered out of Fleetwood  (FD-63)


Jul 1963  :   On 25th of July, vessel abandoned when fire broke out in the Boiler Room.


This incident took place South of the Mull of Galloway.  The vessel was taken under two by fleet partner S.T. Wyre Conqueror and returned to Fleetwood.  Following investigation, it was determined that the vessel was beyond economical repair, therefore laid up pending disposal.


Sept 1963  :   Vessel sold for breaking up to the West of Scotalnd Shipbreaking Company Limited of Troon


22-10-1963 :   Vessel left Fleetwood under tow for delivery to Troon


24-10-1963 :   Vessel arrived at Troon Outer Harbour for B/U by WSSCL

Other Information:

20-11-1940  :    Vessel Ordered as Admiralty 'Hill'-Class steam trawler

01-04-1941  :    Laid Down

29-07-1941  :    Launched as HMS Butser  –   Pennant No. T-219

16-01-1942  :    Completed and fitted out with 1 x 12-pounder  +  3 x 20mm Guns


Tonnages  :   160 NRT  /   510 GRT


Dimensions  :   167.7 feet   x   28.1 feet   x   14.1 feet


Propulsion   :    3-Cylinder Triple Expansion Steam Reciprocating Engine developing 970 NHP / 11 knots


Eng Manf  :   C. D. Holmes & Company of Hull, Yorkshire



In May 1952, the vessel was arrested in Norway for fishing illegally inside territorial waters.  The usual severe coniscations of gear and catch along with punitive fines were applied.  As subsequent appeal failed when the Judge and the Jury failed to reach agreement.