HMS Carronade

Vessel name on Arrival: HMS Carronade

Original Builder: Scotts Shipbuilding & Engineering Coy. Ltd. of Greenock

Original Yard No:

Official Number:

Vessel Type: destroyer

GRT: 1980

Year Built: 1946

Arrival Date: 06/04/1946

Breakup Started: 17/06/1946

Date First Beached: 06/04/1946

Date Breakup Completed: 13/08/1946

Draught For’d: 3' 0"

Draught Aft: 6' 0"

Name Changes:

Other Information:

Weapon-Class Destroyer for the Royal Navy  :  Pennant No. G 82


26-04-1944  :  Laid Down

05-04-1946  :  Launched


No longer required, the Order had been cancelled by the Admiralty on 23rd December 1945, this vessel went straight from the Builder's yard on the Clyde to the shipbreaking facility of WSSCL at Troon, South Ayrshire.


20 of these class had been planned, of which 13 were laid down, 7 were launched, but only 4 were completed.