HMS Cutlass

Vessel name on Arrival: HMS Cutlass

Original Builder: Yarrow Shipbuilders, Scotstoun, Glasgow

Original Yard No:

Official Number:

Vessel Type: destroyer

GRT: 1980

Year Built: 1946

Arrival Date: 22/03/1946

Breakup Started: 25/03/1946

Date First Beached: 22/03/1946

Date Breakup Completed: 26/05/1946

Draught For’d: 4 ' 6"

Draught Aft: 6' 11"

Name Changes:

Other Information:

HMS Cutlass           Pennant No. G-74

Incompleted hull launched on 20-03-1946 and delivered to the West of Scotland Shipbreaking Company's facility at Troon, for breaking, as a result of the cessation of hostilities.

One of the Weapon-class of Destroyers built for the British Royal Navy twoards the end of WWII.

Of the planned twenty vessels, only 13 were laid down and only seven were launched.  Of the seven that were launched, only four were completed for service. The following of the class were broken up on their Builder's slips :

HMS Dagger    :    Yarrow

HMS Howitzer  :    Thornycroft

HMS Longbow :    Thornycroft

HMS Sword      :    J. S. White

HMS Claymore:    Scotts

HMS Rifle          :    Denny Bros.

HMS Spear       :    Denny Bros.


The Weapons Class destroyers were 365 feet in length and with their Parson's double-reduction geared steam turbines developing 40,000 SHP their design service speed was 31 knots.