HMS Dundas

Vessel name on Arrival: HMS Dundas

HMS Dundas HMS Dundas - aerial

Original Builder: Messrs J. Samuel White & Company, East Cowes.

Original Yard No: 1969

Official Number:

Vessel Type: Frigate

GRT: 1810

Year Built: 1956

Arrival Date: 31/03/1983

Breakup Started:

Date First Beached:

Date Breakup Completed:

Draught For’d:

Draught Aft:

Name Changes:

Other Information:

17-10-1952  :  Laid Down

25-09-1953  :  Launched

16-03-1956  :  Commissioned

Anti-Submarine Patrol Frigate of the 'Blackwood' Class designed for anti-submarine warfare

Pennant No. F 48

Seen here at the East Breakwater in Troon Harbour.   (Ahead of her the Admiral Fitzroy, ex-Weather Adviser, ex-HMS Amberley Castle of 1944)