HMS Foxglove

Vessel name on Arrival: HMS Foxglove

HMS Foxglove

Original Builder: Barclay Curle Limited, Whiteinch, Glasgow

Original Yard No: 520

Official Number:

Vessel Type: Minesweeping Sloop

GRT: 1200

Year Built: 1915

Arrival Date: 15/10/1945

Breakup Started: 17/10/1945

Date First Beached: 23/11/1945

Date Breakup Completed: 08/01/1946

Draught For’d: 07' 00"

Draught Aft: 10' 06"

Name Changes:

Other Information:

'Acacia' – Class minesweeping sloop.        Launched on 30-03-1915 and commissioned later in the same year.

4-Cylinder triple expansion steam engine with single screw.  Coal-fired Boilers.

Served in a minesweeping role until 1917 then in a Convoy Escort role.

Served on the China Station durin g the early 1920s.  One of only two 'Acacia'-Class sloops to survive WWI and see service in WWII. 

On Tuesday 9th of July 1940, off the Isle of Wight, she came under heavy enemy aircraft attack, dive-bombing Junkers 87, and was badly damaged with heavy losses of life.  She remained afloat and was brought back to base where she was duly repaired and converted into an Accommodation & Base Ship.  In this new guise she took up duties in 1941, for the remainder of the war, as a Harbour Guardship at Londonderry, Northern Ireland.