HMS Kashmir

Vessel name on Arrival: HMS Javelin

HMS Javelin Javelin HMS Javelin in 1941

Original Builder: John Brown Shipbuilders and Engineers, Clydebank, Glasgow

Original Yard No: 557

Official Number:

Vessel Type: destroyer

GRT: 1690

Year Built: 1939

Arrival Date: 06/06/1949

Breakup Started: 04/09/1949

Date First Beached: 09/04/1950

Date Breakup Completed: 05/06/1950

Draught For’d: 10' 2"

Draught Aft: 10' 3"

Name Changes:

11-10-1937  :  Laid down as HMS Kashmir

21-12-1938  :  Launched as HMS Javelin

Other Information:


HMS JAVELIN  –  'J' – Class Destroyer for the Royal Navy                        Pennant No. F 61


11-10-1937  :  Keel Laid Down

21-12-1938  :  Launched

10-06-1939  :  Completed


Tonnages & Dimensions  :   1,690 tons / 2,330 tons                           108.7 metres  x  10.9 metres


Propulsion and Speed  :     Steam Turbines / 36 knots


HMS Javelin  –  Honours

1940 – Norway

1940 – Dunkirk

1940 – Atlantic

1941 – Mediterranean

1942 – Diego Suarez

1942 – Arctic

1944 – Normandy

1944 – English Channel


Served as escort to a total of 28 Nos. Allied Convoys



P o s t   W a r   N o t e s

HMS JAVELIN continued Mediterranean Fleet service with Flotilla until April 1946 during which period she took part in the Mediterranean Fleet exercise and visits programmes and patrol to intercept ships taking immigrants into Palestine. Her early service after VJ Day was marred by serious indiscipline involving a Leading seaman and 19 junior ratings which resulted in a court martial later in 1945.. The ship sailed from Malta on 9th May 1946 to pay-off and reduce to Reserve status. After arrival at Portsmouth on 17th May that year she was de-stored prior to transfer into the Reserve Fleet which was completed on 31st July. Later this destroyer was transferred to lay-up at Harwich. Placed on the Disposal List on 31st October 1948 she was used for Ship Target Trials before being sold to BISCO  for demolition and arrived in tow at Troon Ayrshire for demolition by the West of Scotland Shipbreaking Co. Ltd on 7th June 1949 .