HMS Pevensey Castle

Vessel name on Arrival: Admiral Beaufort


Original Builder: Harland & Wolff, Belfast

Original Yard No: 1239

Official Number:

Vessel Type: weathership

GRT: 1405

Year Built: 1943

Arrival Date: 01/01/1982

Breakup Started:

Date First Beached:

Date Breakup Completed:

Draught For’d:

Draught Aft:

Name Changes:

1944  :  Launched as Castle-Class Corvette HMS PEVENSEY CASTLE         Pennant No. K449         (1,010 tons)

1959  :  Converted to Weather Ship role

1960  :  Renamed WEATHER MONITOR

1977  :  Renamed ADMIRAL BEAUFORT

Other Information:

21-06-1943  :  Keel Laid Down

11-01-1944  :  Launched

10-06-1944  :  Completed

11-11-1944  :  Along with three other British warships, in a location 75  miles SSE of Fastnet, South of Ireland, depth-charged and sank the German submarine U-1200, a new boat out on her first, and last, war patrol.  No survivors.

February 1946 :  Decommissioned and reduced to Reserve

1947-1952  :  In reserve at Portsmouth.  (Complete refit undertaken at Hull in 1949)

1952  :  In reserve at Chatham

1954  :  In reserve at West Hartlepool

1954-1955  :  Dehumidified and preserved at South Shields

1957  :  Set aside for transfer to Air Ministry

1960  :  Converted to role of Weather Ship by Blyth S.B. & D.D. Coy of Northumberland and renamed



( Image shown as HMS Pevensey Castle)