HMS Scotsman

Vessel name on Arrival: HMS Scotsman

HMS Scotsman

Original Builder: Scotts Shipbuilding Company of Greenock

Original Yard No: 612

Official Number: 120104

Vessel Type: submarine

GRT: 715

Year Built: 1943

Arrival Date: 19/11/1964

Breakup Started: 30/11/1964

Date First Beached: 24/11/1964

Date Breakup Completed: 31/03/1965

Draught For’d: 13' 9"

Draught Aft: 12' 3"

Name Changes:

Other Information:

HMS SCOTSMAN                       'S' – Class submarine of the 3rd Group for the Royal Navy


Laid Down :  15-04-1943

Launched  :  18-08-1944

Commissioned  :  09-12-1944


Displacement  : 

Surfaced    =  814-872 tons

Submerged =  990 tons


Length :  217' 0"  (66.0 mts.)  x  Beam :  23' 6"  (7.2 mts.)  x  Depth :  11' 0"  (3.4 mts.)


Propulsion :  Twin diesels driving two prop shafts, each 1,900 HP  +  two Electric Motors, each 1,300 HP


Speed  : 

Surfaced  :  14.75 knots

Submerged :  8.00 knots


Armaments :

6 x front-facing 21" Torpedo Tubes

1 x aft-facing 21" Torpedo Tube

13 Torpedoes in storage

1 x 3" Deck Gun

1 x 20mm calibre cannon

3 x .303 calibre machine guns


Used mainly as a Test/Trials/Experimentation boat and later as a target boat.  The experimental trials, carried out mainly in the Scottish lochs where depths and availability of submarine testing facilities was readily available, were related to improved electrical systems providing greater speeds, entailing many structural streamlining and electrical modifications that were carried out by the Navy at Portsmouth but with original overseeing by the original Builder.


Used as target practice in the 1960s, HMS Scotsman was eventually sunk in Kames Bay, off the Isle of Bute, then used for practice in salvage exercises by Clyde Lifting Craft.  Finally raised in June 1964 for scrapping and despatched to the West of Scotland Shipbreaking Company in Troon.