HMS Templar

Vessel name on Arrival: HMS Templar

HMS Templar raised from Loch Striven 04-12-1958 after 3 years HMS_Templar Photo12ssTemplar1NP

Original Builder: Vickers-Armstrongs of Barrow-in-Furness

Original Yard No: 816

Official Number:

Vessel Type: submarine

GRT: 1090

Year Built: 1942

Arrival Date: 16/07/1959

Breakup Started: 16/11/1959

Date First Beached: 20/09/1959

Date Breakup Completed: 08/03/1960

Draught For’d: 14' 6"

Draught Aft: 14' 6"

Name Changes:

Other Information:

T-Class submarine TEMPLAR              Displ. Surfaced :  1,422 tons       Displ. Submerged :   1,571 tons

Length : 276' 6" (84.28 metres)             Beam : 25' 6" (7.27 metres          Draught :  12' 9" For'd & 14.7" Aft

Propulsion :  Twin-Screw – Twin Diesels each delivering 2,500 HP and twin Motors each delivering 1,450 HP

Ordered : 04-11- 1940         Keel Laid :  28-12-1941         Launched :  26-10-1942       Completed :  15-02-1943

Pennant Number :  P-316                     Speed Submerged :   9.0 knots             Speed Surfaced :   15.5 knots


In July 1943, HMS Templar took part in the Allied assault on Sicily and carried out patrols designed to prevent interference by Italiam surface craft against convoys within the approaches to the landing areas.

In August 1943, HMS Templar transferred along with the 4th Submarine Flotilla for service with the Far Eastern fleet, based in Colombo for patrol duties.

27-01-1944 :  In the Straits of Malacca, torpedoed and damaged the Japanese Light Cruiser KITAKAMI

29-05-1944 :  In the Straits of Malacca, torpedoed and sank the Japanese cargo ship TYOKAI MARU

04-06-1944 :  In the Straits of Malacca laid down twelve mines

16-07-1944 :  North of Sumatra, sighted a homeward-bound enemy submarine (U-1062) and fired a total of eight torpedoes, but all eight missed their target

In 1945 HMS Templar returned to the UK.     In 1950, the submarine was sunk in Loch Striven to serve as an ASDIC target for naval practice.  She was raised on 4th December 1958 and taken in tow by the tug Cruiser for the passage to Troon, for breaking by the West of Scotland Shipbreaking Company Limited – see bottom picture.