HMS Tyrian

Vessel name on Arrival: HMS Tyrian

HMS Tyrian in 1946 HMS Tyrian - 2 HMS Tyrian - 1

Original Builder: Swan, Hunter, & Wigham Richardson, Wallsend on Tyne

Original Yard No: 1665

Official Number:

Vessel Type: destroyer

GRT: 1802

Year Built: 1942

Arrival Date: 09/03/1965

Breakup Started: 18/03/1965

Date First Beached: 13/06/1965

Date Breakup Completed: 08/12/1965

Draught For’d: 7' 9"

Draught Aft: 11' 00"

Name Changes:


'T'-Class Fleet Destroyer HMS Tyrian for the Royal Navy                              Pennant No.  R-67

Later converted post-war to a Type 16 Fast Anti-Submarine Frigate            Pennant No.  F-67


Battle Honours

1943  –  Atlantic, Sicily, Salerno, Mediterranean

1944  –  Adriatic, South France, Aegean

Other Information:

13-03-1941  :   Ordered

15-10-1941  :   Laid down

27-07-1942  :   Launched

08-04-1943  :   Completed


Dimensions  :   110.6 metres   x   10.9 metres


Tonnages  :   1,802   x   2,530 tons


Propulsion  :   Twin-Screw Parsons Geared Steam Turbines developing 40,000 SHP


Boilers   :   2 Nos.  Admiralty 3-Drum Boilers


Speed   :   36.75 knots as Destroyer R67  /  32 knots as Fast Anti-Submarine Frigate F67







Builders trials and commissioning

Accepted into service for duty with 24th Destroyer Flotilla

Passage to Scapa Flow for work-up with Home Fleet



On completion of work-up took passage to join Flotilla in the Mediterranean

Deployed with Flotilla in Central Mediterranean for escort and patrol duties



Escort and patrol duty in continuation

Preparation for Sicily landings (Operation HUSKY)



Deployed in Malta



Sailed from Malta for HUSKY landings duties.

Joined destroyer screen for HM Battleships to provide cover in Ionian Sea against Italian fleet intervention during Sicily landings.  

Carried out bombardment of Italian mainland from Messina Straits.

 Provided naval gunfire support for allied landings in Calabria



Supported landings by British XIII Corps near Reggio and Villa San Giovanni.

Deployed with to provide cover for landingscat Salerno  (Operation AVALANCHE)

Provided naval gunfire support and AA protection for Fleet units off beaches.



Deployed in support of shore operations and convoy interception.

Sank supply ship and captured another during Interception operation off Albania



Carried out bombardment of Volturno.

Carried out bombardment of shore installations in Gulf of Gaeta



Transferred to Adriatic for support of military operations and for interception of enemy supply convoys.

In action with enemy convoy off Kotor and sank small craft.



Adriatic deployment in continuation.

Bombarded Rovigno in support of military operations.

Embarked General Alexander for passage from Alexandria to Anzio.



Deployed in Adriatic with Flotilla for support of military convoys and attacks on shipping.

Carried out bombardment of Vela Luka, Yugoslavia.


03-04 1944                 

Adriatic deployment in continuation.

Nominated for support of landings in South France as part of US Navy Task Force.



Transferred to US Command for support of landings in South France.



Joined Task Force 88 under US Command for escort of Escort Aircraft Carriers.

Sailed from Malta as destroyer screen for HM Escort Carriers as Task Group 88.1

Deployed for defence of TG88.1 during landings in South France.

Withdrawn with TG88.1 for replenishment at Maddalena.

Returned to Assault Area with TG88.1.

Withdrawn with TG 88.1 for replenishment

Released from DRAGOON and took passage to Alexandria.

Returned to RN control.



Joined British Aegean Force with Flotilla to support military operations to occupy islands and in preparation for landings on Greek mainland .



Carried out bombardment of Melos with HM Cruiser AURORA and HM Escort Destroyer TETCOTT.



Carried out bombardments of Civitano and Pedaso with HM Destroyer GRENVILLE.



 Passage to UK to prepare for service in British Pacific Fleet.




Taken in hand for refit by HM Dockyard, Chatham to prepare for service with 4th Destroyer Flotilla in British Pacific Fleet


02-05 1945

Under refit.



Post refit trials and preparation for foreign service.



Passage to Sydney.



Joined British Pacific Fleet on arrival


Deployed to assist with occupation of Shanghai as part of Task Group 111.


P o s t   W a r   N o t e s


HMS TYRIAN returned to UK after a visit to Melbourne with HM Destroyer TENACIOUS, TUMULT and UNDINE in February 1946. She was reduced to Reserve status at Harwich after arrival on 30th May that year. Transferred to the Reserve Fleet at Chatham in 1949 she laid-up there until 1951 when the ship was converted to a Type 16 Anti-Submarine Frigate at Liverpool. On completion in 1952 she served with the 2nd Training Flotilla at Portland and attended the Coronation Review at Spithead in June 1953 with the Squadron. In September 1953 during NATO Exercise MARINER she ran aground on Haisborough Sands. Again reduced to Reserve in November 1956 she was initially laid-up at Chatham but transferred to Lisahally, Northern Ireland in 1957. Placed on the Disposal List in 1965 she arrived in tow at the Breaker’s in Troon, Ayrshire for demolition on 9th March 1965.