HMS Westcott

Vessel name on Arrival: HMS Westcott

HMS Westcott

Original Builder: William Denny & Brothers, Dumbarton, Scotland

Original Yard No: 1083

Official Number:

Vessel Type: destroyer

GRT: 1100

Year Built: 1918

Arrival Date: 08/04/1946

Breakup Started: 03/05/1946

Date First Beached: 10/02/1946

Date Breakup Completed: 30/04/1947

Draught For’d: 7' 6"

Draught Aft: 13' 6"

Name Changes:

Other Information:

Admiralty W-Class Destroyer for the Royal Navy.                     Pennant No. D-47                Complement :  110


December 1916 :  Ordered

30-03-1917  :  Keel Laid

14-02-1917  :  Launched

12-04-1918  :  Completed


Dimensions :  312' 0"   x   29' 6"   x   9' 0"

Displacement  :  1,100 tons


Propulsion  :   Two Brown-Curtis geared steam turbines driving twin shafts to deliver 27,000 SHP / 35 knots

Boilers  :  3 x Yarrow-Type Watertube Boilers


During WWII, HMS Westcott was used in an anti-submarine role as well as for the supporting of numerous Atlantic and Malta convoys.  She was the first Royal Navy vessel to be equipped with the new 'Hedgehog' anti-submarine mortar weaponry.  In 1943 she was converted for long-range escort duty.


HMS Westcott was withdrawn from operational service in June 1945.  She was sold to BISCO for breaking purposes and arrived at the WSSCL facility in Troon in Aoril 1946.