Ioannis Frangos

Vessel name on Arrival: Ioannis Frangos

Original Builder: Richardson Duck & Company of Thornaby, Yorkshire

Original Yard No: 625

Official Number: 132729

Vessel Type: cargo

GRT: 3442

Year Built: 1912

Arrival Date: 20/11/1953

Breakup Started:

Date First Beached:

Date Breakup Completed:

Draught For’d: -

Draught Aft: -

Name Changes:


Ownerships and Name Changes :


1912  :  S.S. Novington for the Southdown Steam Shipping Company Limted – London

1931  :  S.S. Ioannis Frangos for M. Frangos of Chios, Greece

1941  :  S.S. Ioannis Frangos for Sirios S.S. Company Limited of Greece

1954  :  S.S. Ramiz for Rezit Eskin and Ramiz Yilmaz of Istanbul, Turkey

1957  :  S.S. Ismet for Faik Zeren of Istanbul, Turkey

Other Information:


Single screw, triple expnasion steam reciprocating engine, producing a vessel speed of 12 knots.


Engine Manufacturer  :  Blair & Company of Stockton-on-Tees


Dimensions  :  362 feet  x  50 feet                   O.N.  :  132729


Although recorded by the West of Scotland Shipbreakling Company as a November 1953 arrival, this vessel was not in fact broken up at their facility.  She went into drydock in Troon on 20-11-1953 and sailed away from the Port again on 03-02-1954, bound for Turkey, and with the new name S.S. RAMIZ


Vessel went to Siderobiriki Company of Turkey for breaking on 25th May 1961