Vessel name on Arrival: Menelaus

Menelaus-4 Menelaus-3 Menelaus-2 Menelaus-1

Original Builder: Caledon Shipbuilding & Engineering Company, Dundee

Original Yard No: 274

Official Number: 147235

Vessel Type: passenger

GRT: 10278

Year Built: 1923

Arrival Date: 28/08/1952

Breakup Started: 30/08/1852

Date First Beached: 17/01/1953

Date Breakup Completed: 10/05/1953

Draught For’d: 8' 0"

Draught Aft: 14' 0"

Name Changes:

Other Information:


Passenger-Cargo reefer built by the Caledon Shipyard of Dundee for Messrs A. Holt & Company of Liverpool


01-05-1923    :  Launched

October 1923 :  Completed


Dimensions  :  151.0 metres  x  19.0 metres


Propulsion  :  Twin-Screwshafts driven by steam turbines giving vessel a speed of 14.5 knots



In 1940, MENELAUS was in collision with the Ellerman liner CITY OF LONDON.


On Christmas Day, 1940, MENELAUS had a close encounter with the German warship ADMIRAL HIPPER, in the Mediterranean, but convoy escports came to her rescue


On 1st of May 1942, whilst on a passage from Durban to Baltimore, and in a position some 700 miles South-West of St. Helena, the MENELAUS came under attack from the German commerce raider MICHEL, under the command of the infamous Helmuth von Ruckteschell.  Menelaus laid a smokescreen between herself and the Raider, by which means she was fortunate to make her safe escape from a dangerous situation.  Commander von Ruckteschell later stated that this was the only merchant vessel that managed to evade his attentions during WWII.


25-06-1952  :  The vessel arrived at the Dalmuir ship-breaking facility of W. H. Arnott Young, on the Clyde.

29-08-1952  :  The vessel hulk arrived at the Troon ship-breaking facility of West of Scotland Shipbreaking Coy.