Nathaniel Dunlop

Vessel name on Arrival: Manx Heather

'Nathaniel Dunlop' and Queen Mary Bell of Pilot-Boat 'Nathaniel Dunlop'

Original Builder: George Brown & Company (Marine) Limited, Greenock

Original Yard No: 23

Official Number: 119162

Vessel Type: Pilot-Boat

GRT: 53

Year Built: 1904

Arrival Date: 27/05/1956

Breakup Started: 29/05/1956

Date First Beached: 27/05/1956

Date Breakup Completed: 22/06/1956

Draught For’d: 2' 9"

Draught Aft: 7' 10"

Name Changes:


Named after the respected shipping man, Nathaniel Dunlop who, amongst many other maritime achievements, was at one time the Chairman of the Clyde Trust.


Vessel sold to Robert A. C. Cubbin of Douglas, Isle of Man, c. 1938, and renamed MANX HEATHER

Other Information:


Pilot-Boat supplied to the Clyde Pilotage Authority


11-08-1904  :   Launched


Tonnages  :   13 t Net  /  53 t Gross


Propulsion  :   Steam Engine & Boiler