Vessel name on Arrival: Ophir

Original Builder: Robert Napier, Govan, Glasgow

Original Yard No: 421

Official Number: 98673

Vessel Type: passenger

GRT: 6814

Year Built: 1891

Arrival Date: 31/07/1921

Breakup Started: 01/01/1922

Date First Beached:

Date Breakup Completed:

Draught For’d:

Draught Aft:

Name Changes:


1891 – 1900  :  S.S. Ophir for Orient SNC

1901 – HMS Ophir   [Royal Tour of Duke and Duchess of Cornwall & York : Feb – Nov 1901]

1902 – 1915  :  S.S. Ophir for Orient SNC

1915 – 1918  :  Requisitioned by the Admiralty for war service as an Armed Merchant Cruiser (AMC)

1918             :  Returned to Owners Orient SNC following war service as HMS Ophir


Other Information:


It is believed she arrived at Troon for breaking in August of 1921, and that breaking took place in 1922.


Launched by Robert Napier's Govan East Yard, 11-04-1891,  for Orient Steam Navigation Company,Glasgow


Propulsion by two 4-cylinder steam triple expansion engines, developing 9,500 IHP, driving twin screws


Five coal-fired Boilers


Cruising speed = 18 knots