Vessel name on Arrival: Evertons


Original Builder: Lindholmens Varv of Gothenburg

Original Yard No: 435

Official Number: 6140

Vessel Type: cargo

GRT: 4107

Year Built: 1919

Arrival Date: 19/07/1954

Breakup Started: 19/08/1954

Date First Beached: 21/02/1955

Date Breakup Completed: 26/06/1955

Draught For’d: 7' 0"

Draught Aft: 13' 0"

Name Changes:


1919  :  Launched as S.S. Ovidia for Rederi A/B Nord of Stockholm

1919  :  Renamed S.S. Faxen for Rederi A/B Nord of Gothenburg

1921  :  Ownership change to Rederi A/B Transatlantic of Gothenburg without name change

1936  :  Ownership change to F. Gauds Shipping Coy Ltd of LVA Riga. Name change to S.S. Evertons

1939  :  Ownership change to Mrs. E. Grauds of LVA Riga without name change

1941  :  Ownership change to the German Government with name change to S.S. Rotersand

1949  :  Ownership change to F.V. Grauds of Hnd Puerto Cortes and name change to S.S. Evertons

1953  :  Ownership change to Cia, Naviera Hondurena SA of Hnd Puerto Cortes without name change




Other Information:


Cargo steamship for Rederi A/B Nord of Stockholm, Sweden


25-04-1919  :  Launched

June  1919  :  Completed


Tonnage  :  4,107 tons


Dimensions  :  109.1 metres  x  15.5 metres


Propulsion  :  Triple Expansion Steam Reciprocating Engine driving one single screwshaft


Speed  :  10 knots