Vessel name on Arrival: Pocahontas


Original Builder: North Carolina Ship Building Company of Wilmington, NC, USA

Original Yard No: 49

Official Number: 242623

Vessel Type: Cargo

GRT: 7177

Year Built: 1941

Arrival Date: 02/09/1960

Breakup Started: 04/09/1960

Date First Beached: 02/09/1960

Date Breakup Completed: 11/05/1961

Draught For’d: 06' 09"

Draught Aft: 11' 00"

Name Changes:

Other Information:

Launched on 13th December 1942 and completed in that same month.              DWT : 10,865 tons

Steam engine by the General Machinery Corporation of Hamilton, Ohio.

The image shows S.S. POCAHONTAS alongside the East Breakwater at Troon with a substantial amount of her topworks already removed.  At her stern, the forepart of another wartime Liberty – the S.S. JOHN JAY

Note the small launch making her way into the Harbour from the Wet Basin.  It may be the Lifeboat of that day. It is well filled with VIP-lokking types – perhaps there was a launching taking place from Ailsa the day the photograph was taken.