S.S. Manipur

Vessel name on Arrival: HMS Sandhurst

HMS Sandhurst and Destroyers HMS Sandhurst HMS Sandhurst burning at Dover in 1940

Original Builder: Harland & Wolff of Belfast

Original Yard No: 374

Official Number: 120913

Vessel Type: navalstores_ship

GRT: 7654

Year Built: 1906

Arrival Date: 27/12/1946

Breakup Started: 13/02/1947

Date First Beached: 27/12/1946

Date Breakup Completed: 20/06/1947

Draught For’d: 5' 0"

Draught Aft: 6' 6"

Name Changes:


15-12-1905  :  Launched as cargo-ship S.S. MANIPUR for T & J Brocklebank of Liverpool

13-01-1906  :  Completed and entered into commercial liner service


In 1915, served as the dummy vessel HMS INDOMITABLE at the beginning of WWI


In Septemeber 1916, this cargo liner was converted by the Yard of Messrs Workman, Clark & Company of Belfast to the role of a Destroyer depot/repair depot ship for escort vessels, involving the erection of moulding and fitting-out shops, foundry, smithy and various other shops that would facilittate the fuction of this vessel to effect any repairs necessary to Destroyers without the need for them to return to port.  Vessel renamed HMS SANDHURST Pennant No. F92.


Served at Dover 1939 – 1940 then initially at Londonderry, Northern Ireland, and later, at Greenock of the Firth of Clyde, in her Admiralty role as a Naval Support Ship.

Other Information:

14-12-1905  :  Launched

13-01-1906  :  Completed


   7,654 tons – gross

11,.500 tons – displacement


Dimensions :   Length – 485 feet          Beam – 58 feet


Steam propulsion rated at 4,000 IHP to provide a service speed of 10.5 knots


Armaments  :  4  x  4 inch Guns  +  1  x  3 inch A.A. Guns


Whilst at Dover the vesel was badly damaged by aerial torpedo and set on fire.


Arrived down at the WSSCL as hulk from Dalmuir