San Tirso

Vessel name on Arrival: Kelliella

Broken 1953 San Tirso

Original Builder: Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson of Wallsend on Tyne

Original Yard No: 927

Official Number: 135267

Vessel Type: Tanker

GRT: 6236

Year Built: 1913

Arrival Date: 30/07/1953

Breakup Started: 24/08/1953

Date First Beached: 04/02/1954

Date Breakup Completed: 01/07/1954

Draught For’d: 14' 00"

Draught Aft: 16' 00"

Name Changes:

Launched as San Tirso for the Eagle Oil Transport Company Limited of London

Name changed to Kelliella in 1945 when vessel acquired by the Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Company Limited

Other Information:

Launched  :  20-08-1913                                      Completed  :  September 1913

01-01-1916  :  Attacked by enemy submarine in Mediterranean but escaped due to her speed

14-07-1918  :  Attacked by enemy submarine off Northwern ireland but the torpedos missed

Photograph as the San Tirso