Vessel name on Arrival: Skeirinoe

Original Builder:

Original Yard No:

Official Number:

Vessel Type: lightvessel


Year Built:

Arrival Date: 07/03/1963

Breakup Started: 25/09/1963

Date First Beached: 06/06/1963

Date Breakup Completed: 13/10/1963

Draught For’d:

Draught Aft:

Name Changes:

Other Information:


Iron construction unpowered Lightship vessel

Marking the reef known as Sgeir-in-Ao  off the South East end of Scalpay, c. 4 miles offshore


A sister lightship to the vessel placed at Otter Rock (Islay) was placed on station in the summer of 1906.  She was moored in the Little Minch, the sea between the Inner and Outer Hebrides, in the Sound of Shiant


An extract from the London Gazette fated 12th of June 1906

An Admiralty Notice to Mariners (No. 586) informed mariners :


“Skeirinoe” Buoy to lie Replaced by Light- Vessel. The Northern Lighthouse Board has given notice, dated 28th May 1906, that towards the end of July 1906, it is intended to replace the buoy at present marking Skeirinoe, off the southeast coast of Lewis, by a light-vessel (without a crew) exhibiting, at an elevation of 30 feet above the sea, a white flashing (unwatched) light every a six seconds, visible in clear weather from a distanceof 10 miles.


The vessel, which will be painted red and marked “Skeirinoe,” will be moored in a depth of 18 fathoms at low water, about 3 cables north-eastward of the rock. A bell suspended on board will be rung by the motion of the vessel.


Approximate position of Vessel  –  Latitude 57' 50" North, Longitude 06' 45" West


In 1911 the light was changed to AGA Acetylene light. She remained on station until 1963 except for war service in English waters. and was broken up by West of Scotland Shipbreaking Coy Ltd at Troon