Vessel name on Arrival: Smeaton

Original Builder: William Allsup & Sons of Caledonia Works, Preston

Original Yard No: 85

Official Number: 86510

Vessel Type: passenger

GRT: 369

Year Built: 1883

Arrival Date: 09/09/1947

Breakup Started: 10/09/1947

Date First Beached: 27/10/1947

Date Breakup Completed: 03/12/1947

Draught For’d: 7' 0"

Draught Aft: 9' 0"

Name Changes:

Other Information:

A typical Liner-Tender built by a Firm who specialised in these vessels  –  Allsup and Sons of Preston  (1888 – 1908)


O.N.  :  86510                       Tonnage  :  369 tons                        Dimensions  :  125.2 feet  x  35.1 feet  x  11.1 feet


Completed in June 1883 on behalf of the Great Western Railway Company for the transportation of passengers and based at Plymouth.  One of the first of thuis clas of vessel to have screw propulsion.


Propulsion :  Twin screws driven by twin inverted compound two-cylinder engines


1909 – 1910  :  Working around Fishguard

1914  :  Hired by the Admiralty for tugboat duties

1917 :  Working for the United States Forces at Brest, France.


After her return to Great Western Railways (GWR) she was laid up, then in 1921 she wa advertised for sale, but was eventually returned to service when a sale did not materialise.


In 1929, the vessel was sold to a Mr. McCalla of Belfast and, in 1937 was transferred to the Ulster Steam Tender Company.


Throughout the WWII years she was in service to the Admiralty and disposed of in 1947, arriving at the West of Scotland Shipbreaking Company of Troon in September 1947.