Vessel name on Arrival: Spaburn

Spaburn Spaburn

Original Builder: Philip & Son of Dartmouth

Original Yard No: 1128

Official Number: 180850

Vessel Type: navaltanker

GRT: 718

Year Built: 1946

Arrival Date: 30/08/1977

Breakup Started:

Date First Beached:

Date Breakup Completed:

Draught For’d:

Draught Aft:

Name Changes:

Other Information:

RFA Spaburn (Pennant Nos. X 122 / A 257) a Water Carrier Tanker built for the Admiralty.

Propulsion 3-cylinder triple expansion steam reciprocating engine developing 675 SHP to give 9 knots.


04-09-1948  :   At Chatham alongside HMS Jutland supplying fresh water

29-05-1952  :   At Chatham alongside HMS Campania delivering fresh water

31-05-1952  :   At Chatham alongside HMS Campania delivering fresh water

06-06-1952  :   At Sheerness alongside HMS Plymn, moored on No 6 Buoy and supplied 15 tons of fresh water

15-08-1953  :  Brought forward from being in reserve at Malta.


Captain Stephen J Pethurst RFA appointed as Master and Mr W Hynd RFA appointed as Acting Chief Engineer Officer.  Nineteen crew were signed on from unemployed Maltese Seafarers – six able seaman, one bosun, one steward, one cook, an assistant steward, three fireman, two donkeyman greasers, two catering boys, donkeyman and a pumpman.


17-08-1953  :  Sailed Malta with 500 tons of water for Greek islands devastated by earthquake damage.

31-10-1956  :  Supported Operation Musketeer – the Suez Crisis – along with 34 other RFA’s.

28-12-1956  :  Entered Grand Harbour, Malta after the Anglo-French Forces withdrawl from Port Said.

1963 – 1971 :  On and around the River Clyde

1971            :  Placed in Reserve

24-06-1977 :  Sold to W.H.Arnott Young & Co Ltd of Dalmuir, Scotland for scrapping

August 1977: Arrived Dalmuir for demolition and later despatched to WSSCL Troon