Vessel name on Arrival: Statira


Original Builder: William Doxford & Sons, Pallion Shipyard

Original Yard No: 630

Official Number: 165381

Vessel Type: cargo

GRT: 4852

Year Built: 1937

Arrival Date: 02/08/1940

Breakup Started:

Date First Beached:

Date Breakup Completed:

Draught For’d:

Draught Aft:

Name Changes:

Other Information:

Loss of the M.V. SATIRA through ememy aircraft bombing

The three year old Motorship STATIRA, a product of Doxford/Pallion, had been on a passage from Masulipatan for London, and was part of Convoy WN 4 when attacked by enemy bomber aircraft between midnight and 01:00 hours on 3rd of August 1940, badly damaged and set on fire. The anti-submarine trawler ARAB (531grt) went to the assistance of the stricken vessel.

The entire crew was taken off by destroyers HMS PUNJABI and HMS BEDOUIN.

The vessel was taken in tow on fire to Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, by British tug THAMES and escorted by destroyer HMS PUNJABI, which was later relieved by destroyer HMS SIKH. Sunsequently she left Stornoway and put in to Rothesay or Kames Bay, where many war-casualty derelicts were laid up awaiting decision and space for either repairs, breaking or other disposition.

M.V. STATIRA was later taken upriver to Glasgow, where her cargo was unloaded. The ship was then sent to be broken up at the West of Scotland Shipbreaking Company at Troon in South Ayrshire.