Target No. U-1

Vessel name on Arrival: Target No. U-1

Original Builder:

Original Yard No:

Official Number:

Vessel Type: target


Year Built:

Arrival Date: 10/05/1947

Breakup Started: 22/05/1947

Date First Beached: 10/05/1947

Date Breakup Completed: 10/09/1947

Draught For’d: 11' 3"

Draught Aft: 10' 4"

Name Changes:

Other Information:


No details are available on this structure, although there has been some connection made with the Yard of Messrs John Brown of Clydebank, Glasgow, but nothing tangible has emerged to date.  The breaking operation spanned some four months, suggesting it may have been of a reasonable size or weighting.