Vessel name on Arrival: Appleleaf


Original Builder: Workman Clark of Belfast

Original Yard No: 368

Official Number: 140251

Vessel Type: tanker

GRT: 5891

Year Built: 1917

Arrival Date: 15/12/1947

Breakup Started: 17/12/1947

Date First Beached: 07/06/1948

Date Breakup Completed: 17/10/1948

Draught For’d: 11' 6"

Draught Aft: 18' 9"

Name Changes:


Built and launched for the British Government's Shipping Controller as the S.S. TEXOL


16-02-1917  :  Name changed to APPLELEAF on completion / commissioning and placement under the management of Messrs Lane & MacAndrew Limited of London

Other Information:

Along with her sisters, these were an advanced class of oilers to an Admiralty design, for service as Convoy escorts in the Atlantic during WWI, whilst also carrying oil fuel cargoes back to Britain from the USA.  Fitted with six Boilers and four powerful cargo oil pumps with a capacity of 2,000 tonnes per hour.  Triple Expansion Steam Reciprocating Engines gave a normal vessel speed of 14 knots.


28-11-1916  :  Launched

16-02-1917  :  Completed


Dimensions :  123.6 mts  x  16.6 mts.


1917 – 1918  :  Served on North Atlantic convoy duties throughout this period.


10-11-1917  :  Mined in the North Sea, towed to port for repairs

08-04-1918  :  Repairs completed, re-entered into service

09-05-1918  :  Damaged by fire whilst in the Clyde

07-09-1918  :  Following fire damage repairs, re-entered into service


1918 – 1921 :  RFA service duties in all seas


1922 – 1926  :  Placed in Reserve at Rosyth


03-09-1939  :  At Hong Kong on the outbreak of WWII


1939 – 1945  :  Servicing the Fleet in all oceans throughout the war years


11-06-1946  :  Laid up at the Tail o' The Bank then Finnart Bay


05-07-1946  :  Handed over to Hadley Shipping Company on a care and maintenance basis pending disposal


27-11-1947  :  Sold by the Ministry of Supply for breaking


15-12-1947  :  Arrived at the West of Scotland Shipbreaking Company's facility at Troon