Vessel name on Arrival: Vega

Sagittaire and Vega at Troon Vega - P Vega - P

Original Builder: St. Nazaire (Penhoet) of St Nazaire

Original Yard No: 14

Official Number:

Vessel Type: Minesweeper

GRT: 365

Year Built: 1953

Arrival Date: 31/03/1982

Breakup Started:

Date First Beached:

Date Breakup Completed:

Draught For’d:

Draught Aft:

Name Changes:

Original Pennant No, M707 changed to P707 in 1973

Other Information:

French Navy 'Sirius' Class Minesweeper

Launched :  14-01-1953        Completed :  27-10-1953

Twin-Screw turbine propulsion – 15 knots