Z 5

Vessel name on Arrival: HMS Blade

HMS Blade - ex-Z5

Original Builder: Koninklijke Maatschappij De Schelde of Vlissingen

Original Yard No: Not yet established

Official Number:

Vessel Type: Torpedo Gunboat

GRT: 263

Year Built: 1917

Arrival Date: 23/10/1945

Breakup Started: 31/10/1945

Date First Beached: 20/11/1945

Date Breakup Completed: 20/12/1945

Draught For’d: 05' 00"

Draught Aft: 10' 00"

Name Changes:

Name changed in May of 1943 to HMS Blade after transfer to the British Royal Navy.

Other Information:

Originally built as a seagoing Torpedo-Gunboat for the Royal Netherlands Navy and named Z 5 with Pennant No. H 97

18-02-1914  :  Keel laid down

01-04-1915  :  Launched

08-02-1917  :  Commissioned


1932  :  Converted to to a Patrol Vessel, altering her original shape and appearance.

Displacement :  263 tons          Length :  58.5 metres  (192 feet)           Two 3 inch guns + A.A.

Propulsion  :  Two triple expansion steam engines, 3.000 HP. driving two screws to provide a speed of 22 knots

With the German occupation of the Netherlands, Z5 made her escape from Holland to the UK on 14th May 1940. She was transferred to the Royal Navy on 2nd March 1942 but not renamed until May 1943.  Under the R.N. she served the role of a Naval Stores Ship and Submarine Tender to the 7th Flotilla.  At the end of hostilities, she was returned to the Royal Netherlands Navy on 9th April 1945, but not re-commissioned.  In October 1945 she was sold and scrapped at Troon as indicated above.