Name: MISC.002

Class: 105.5 foot, powered; Nos X.1 - X.200

Launch Date:


Yard No:



Other Information:


Registered at Piraeus
in LR to 07/2001 then 'continued existence in doubt'
Further info from Aris Bilalis:

1929: Sold at Salonica to G.Yalirakis, Heraklion. Renamed STYLIANOS G.
1947: Sold to G.Papadakis & Co., Piraeus
1954: Sold to X.Xiradakis & Co., converted to motorship, renamed
KAPETAN XENOPHON. Employed in salvaging wrecks.
1971: Sold; renamed BARBA THOMAS.
1972 23/9: Sank off Makronisos.


X-Lighter Classes/numbering:

X.001 – X.200: 105.5 foot, powered

X.201 – X.225: 98 foot, powered

DX.001 – DX.025: 98 foot, dumb

MISC.001 – MISC.003: Vessels believed to be former X-lighters, origins untraced

Engine Abbreviations:

‘BOL’ = 2 cyl. ‘hot bulb’ oil engine by J. & C. G. Bolinders Co., Stockholm

‘SVE’ = 2 cyl. oil engine by J. V. Svensin, Augustendal (Avance design)

‘BEAR’ = 2 cyl. oil engine by Wm. Beardmore & Co., Dalmuir</p>

‘CAMP’ = 2 cyl. ‘hot bulb’ oil engine by The Campbell Gas Engine Co. Ltd., Halifax

‘PLE’ = 2 cyl. oil engine by Plenty & Son, Newbury (Kromhout design)

‘SKAN’ = 2 cyl. oil engine by Skandia