Name: X.064

As BEAM in India & Millwall Docks on 06/01/1974 As BICKLEY HALL, photo from Barney Hunt As BEAM passing under Tower Bridge on 13/4/1983, photo by Richard Myers

Class: 105.5 foot, powered; Nos X.1 - X.200

Launch Date: 1915

Builder: Sunderland S.B. Company

Yard No: 306


Screws: 2

Other Information:

1948 re-engined 2 x M3cyl 2-stroke 180bhp, 8 knots by. Crossley Bros., Manchester
Listed as a tanker

12/01/1950 first registered at London, ON.183170 to J. T. Stratford & Son Ltd. as BICKLEY HALL

146grt, 73nrt, 103.7 x 21.2 x 7.0ft

1955 Bowker & King Ltd., London

LR1966-1977 owner Albert Rutland

From Bill Rutland: X64 had 2 off 3Cylinder ERL 90HP Crossley and when she was sold to Albert Rutland he changed the port engine for a 3 Cylinder 80 Hp K Allen eventually the other Crossley expired and another K Allen was fitted.

LR1982 onwards, same owner, shown as converted to a dry cargo barge

LR1990 shown as BEAM, Albert Rutland

Broken up at Bow Creek 1992


X-Lighter Classes/numbering:

X.001 – X.200: 105.5 foot, powered

X.201 – X.225: 98 foot, powered

DX.001 – DX.025: 98 foot, dumb

MISC.001 – MISC.003: Vessels believed to be former X-lighters, origins untraced

Engine Abbreviations:

‘BOL’ = 2 cyl. ‘hot bulb’ oil engine by J. & C. G. Bolinders Co., Stockholm

‘SVE’ = 2 cyl. oil engine by J. V. Svensin, Augustendal (Avance design)

‘BEAR’ = 2 cyl. oil engine by Wm. Beardmore & Co., Dalmuir</p>

‘CAMP’ = 2 cyl. ‘hot bulb’ oil engine by The Campbell Gas Engine Co. Ltd., Halifax

‘PLE’ = 2 cyl. oil engine by Plenty & Son, Newbury (Kromhout design)

‘SKAN’ = 2 cyl. oil engine by Skandia