Name: X.145

As DAVID J at Hungerford Bridge on 10/5/1984 As JAMES M, from Barney Hunt As DAVID J in the Colne off Brightlingsea on 31/5/1983 by Ian Hardie As DAVID J in 1983, photo by Ted Ingham, unloading sand at Whitstable As DAVID J in 1983, photo by Richard Myers

Class: 105.5 foot, powered; Nos X.1 - X.200

Launch Date: 15/04/1915

Builder: Wm. Doxford & Sons, Pallion, Sunderland

Yard No: 497

Engine: BOL

Screws: 1

Other Information:

Also designated K.26

1921 for disposal at Malta

1924 JAMES M, T. J. Metcalf, London

1930 Ralph Stringer, Boston (reg. at Boston)

1933 Herbert Stringer, Boston

1939 J. J. Prior (Transport) Ltd., Blackwall, reg. London

1951 re-engined Kromhout (made 1936) M3cyl, 52bhp, 7 knots

1956 re-engined  Skandia M2cyl.  150bhp, 8 knots  (made 1955)

1964 LEONARD P, lengthened and deepened, re-registered at London

later DAVID J, N. E. Murray

Photographed as late as 1984

Broken up at Queenborough in 1990’s?


X-Lighter Classes/numbering:

X.001 – X.200: 105.5 foot, powered

X.201 – X.225: 98 foot, powered

DX.001 – DX.025: 98 foot, dumb

MISC.001 – MISC.003: Vessels believed to be former X-lighters, origins untraced

Engine Abbreviations:

‘BOL’ = 2 cyl. ‘hot bulb’ oil engine by J. & C. G. Bolinders Co., Stockholm

‘SVE’ = 2 cyl. oil engine by J. V. Svensin, Augustendal (Avance design)

‘BEAR’ = 2 cyl. oil engine by Wm. Beardmore & Co., Dalmuir</p>

‘CAMP’ = 2 cyl. ‘hot bulb’ oil engine by The Campbell Gas Engine Co. Ltd., Halifax

‘PLE’ = 2 cyl. oil engine by Plenty & Son, Newbury (Kromhout design)

‘SKAN’ = 2 cyl. oil engine by Skandia